During freezing weather periods, you may find that pipes in your property may become frozen. But don't fear; follow our tips below to find out how to beat the freeze.

Burst heating pipe 

If a heating pipe has burst, turn the water off at the mains. You will also need to turn off the electricity supply to the boiler at the isolating switch typically found alongside it. Then contact Bromford on 0330 1234 034 immediately! 

Even with the mains water turned off, water will still escape until the heating system drains. 

Thaw out your boiler's condensate pipe 

First, you need to be sure that a frozen pipe is the cause of the problem. The boiler should have a fault code, but if this is unclear, listen for the gurgling noise. Try gently unfreezing the pipe by placing a hot water bottle on it.

Or pour warm water on the pipe from something like a watering can. Do not use boiling water, as this could break the pipe! 

Once the pipe is unfrozen, you may need to reset your boiler. Your boiler should start back up.

You can watch this video to see how to use your boiler buoy if you have one. 

Water pipes 

Beware of an unexpected cold snap or deep freeze. Frozen water pipes are a serious risk during freezing winter weather. When water freezes in a pipe, it expands and can exert a lot of pressure. This pressure is enough to rupture most pipes filled with water. 

If a pipe bursts, you must immediately turn off the water at the mains. Then contact us on 0330 1234 034 as soon as possible! If any electrical items get wet, don't touch them. Turn off the electricity at the mains. 

When the pipe bursts, it will spill a lot of water. When your pipe is frozen but not yet ruptured, you must thaw it out immediately. Pipes are most susceptible to freezing when located: 

  • on an outside wall 
  • under a sink on an outside wall 
  • in an unheated area. 

Internal stop tap

If you have a leak in your property or a pipe burst, you must turn the water off immediately. This will prevent any further damage. Contact us on 0330 1234 034 as soon as possible. 

External stop tap

External stop taps are usually found outside your property on the footpath or public highway. Sometimes, only one stop tap will serve several properties (a shared supply), so it may not be right outside your property. 

External stop taps are owned by the water company. They should only be operated by people employed by the water company, except in the case of an emergency and/or if everyone whose water supply is controlled by the stop tap has agreed to the supply being turned off. 

Getting prepared 

Ensure that any external taps are insulated and isolated during the winter months. You can find items to buy to help you protect taps and help prevent thawing from your local hardware store.