This advice applies if you rent your home from us. 

Finding out who is responsible mainly depends on where the fence is. It's a common myth that you're only responsible for the fence on the left-hand side of your property.

You'll find different rules below if you own your home.

If the fence is between you and another rented Bromford home

You both share equal responsibility for replacing or repairing the fence. You'll need to come to an agreement with your neighbour to get the work done. 

If the fence is between you and privately owned property

You will need to speak to the property owner and come to an arrangement on who is responsible for the fence and ongoing maintenance.

If the fence is between you and publicly owned property

We can help you find out who is responsible. This is land like a public walkway, path, garages, a car park or a public open space. 

Please contact us to let us know what's wrong with the fence. Make sure you provide specific details on which fence you're referring to. Photographs or screenshots from google maps can help us find the correct details. 

If you own your home 

You can look at your deeds to determine who owns the boundary. That person will be responsible for the fencing. You can get a copy of your deeds from the land registry. If you bought your home from us and still need help, email .