Causes of mould

Mould happens when warm, moist air touches a colder surface in your home. This can get worse in cold weather, as your home is warmer inside and the outside air is colder.  Where condensation regularly builds up, mould will grow. 

Condensation is the most common thing that causes mould to grow inside a home. 

A damp wall or floor can also cause mould. There are two common types of dampness in buildings.

  • Rising damp. This is when moisture rises up from the ground into the walls or floor of your home. It can be caused by damage to the damp-proof course
  • Penetrating damp. This is when moisture enters your home through the outside walls. It can be caused by things like a leaking gutter

What you can do

Your home must have enough airflow to replace the moisture in the air with fresh, less humid air. Normally, turning on extractor fans, leaving your window vents open or opening some windows for a few minutes daily will prevent condensation and mould growth.     

To reduce condensation:

  • don't dry washing on radiators or indoors on a clothes horse
  • keep pans covered when cooking    
  • open a window and use your extractor fan every time you cook or shower  
  • shut your internal doors when cooking or showering   
  • leave a gap between your furniture and external walls (this helps the air circulate)
  • keep window vents open, and never block air vents in your home
  • if drying clothes indoors, choose a warm room and open a window
  • keep your heating on a low temperature in rooms in your house
  • do not use paraffin and portable gas heaters
  • do not overfill cupboards so air can circulate 

To treat the mould:

  • use a mould remover and mould treatment (you can buy these in hardware shops)  
  • do not use washing-up liquid to clean mould, it won't work. 
  • wash or dry-clean any clothes that have been near mould to stop it from spreading  
  • shampoo and dry any carpets that have mould on them   
  • you may need to re-decorate any affected areas. Use a suitable anti-mould paint which will help stop the mould from returning

What we can do    

We take issues with condensation, dampness and mould very seriously. It's important that we get to the bottom of any issues you might have.

If you have tried the steps on this page and there is still dampness, mould or excessive condensation in your home please contact us.