We are currently selecting a new contractor to work with us to manage our tree repairs. During this time, we can only carry out emergency tree works. An emergency is an immediate danger to property or people or where a tree has already collapsed and has caused damage.

What we will do:

We will attend if a tree: 

  • has fallen over 
  • is causing an obstruction 
  • has the potential to injure a person or damage property. 

To report a tree as an emergency, call us on 0330 1234 034.

We will complete a risk assessment based on your report and consult with an arboriculturist if necessary. We may need to contact your electricity supplier where trees are touching power cables. Please have their details on hand. 

We will only prune overhanging trees if there is a particular risk to a person or property.

What we won't do 

We won't get involved if a tree is: 

  • blocking light, or a view
  • affecting your garden or plants
  • overhanging your garden from privately owned property

Speak to your supplier if a tree is disturbing utility cables or disrupting TV or mobile phone reception.

We also get involved in things that come naturally from planting trees, like dripping sap, nesting birds, or shedding leaves.

More information

The citizen's advice bureau has some good advice on overhanging trees.

If you wish to report a dangerous tree, please get in touch with us.